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Driven with passion…here’s what guides us

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

Agroplanet is committed to organic processes across all our production activities, from food processing to skincare to cultivating medicinal plants and extracts. Our aim is to ensure our product integrity and maximum nutrient availability for each product category. We pride ourselves in maintaining high stardards in food preparation and the preservation of natural flavours, taste and nutrient quality, so that our clients can truly indulge in the pleasures of healthy food.

Given our in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants and extracts, we also utilize these in the formulation of our skincare line. Therefore, our skin care bears the healing and soothing characteristics of our choice herbs, plants and extracts.

60ml Coconut Oil leaning on a Coconut

Our Discovery

Nature has gifted us wonderfully with remedies to get the best out of our inner health, outward beauty and overall wellness. Many of the foods we already consume are natural remedies for certain ailments. Numerous plants, some of which can be found in your own backyard garden, contain potent properties to deal with unwanted conditions, from skin lesions, to ulcers to low blood count. Let us take you on a journey of discovey.

Africa is teeming with diversity, full of unique plants that are simply a wonder in their potency and effectiveness. We want to explore this with you, and help you also tap into this resource reservoir hidden in plain sight. We also want to share with you some tried and true techniques for agricultural waste recycling that you can implement in your own kitchen and garden. It is amazing the additional value you can get out of “waste”. Of course, if you haven’t got the time to get your hands dirty, you can still do your part in keeping Africa clean and green by purchaing our products from our shop. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead diversity across the African organic agricultural landscape. We embark on this journey with a consciousness of waste minimization strategies, which influence our product choice for development. We bring you sustainable, high quality products, all the while, keeping Africa green.

Our products spans across food, cosmetics and horticulture, and we plan to continue to diversify the products we offer within these categories and even beyond. We hope you stick around as we grow our product offers. With our “Zero-Waste Initiative”, we are committed to utilizing not only the by-products of our own processing activities, but also those of other stakeholders in the agricultural space. We are passionate about making positive impact and improving the livelihoods of local farmers in our supply chain.

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Processed and Packaged With Love

It is truly a pleasure to share my passion with you. Established in my home country of Nigeria, I am especially delighted to be able to create value from the rich reservoir of African resources at our disposal. Everything we produce is created with meticulous care, with love and with a ton of research. We put in the work to bring you the best. We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer and you grow with us through the years ahead.

Obiageli N. Ezeokoli

Founding Partner

The Agroplanet Team

African Man in red t-shirt

Arinze Ezeobele

Cordinates marketing and promotions for the entire South Eastern region. Oversees delivery logistics for online sales.

Uche Nwaeke

Oversees quality checks and product testing and reporting. Ensures compliance with industry regulations.

Princess Giang

Handles procurement of materials, oversees stocks and inventory. Manages relationship with suppliers and supply logistics.

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